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REDD is recognized as a world leader in providing services, equipment, and technology for the hydrocarbon process industry.  REDD has serviced all aspects of the oil and gas industry for over 50 years.  Our employees have worked in all climates and countries, from the Alaskan Pipeline to off-shore loading facilities in Thailand, as well as exploration and drilling of oil wells throughout the world and turnkey construction and operation of fully integrated oil refineries and gas processing plants.  We are the industry standard for quality, expertise, and innovation.


REDD serves the following sectors:  Exploration, Production, Transportation, Marketing, Oil Refining, and Gas Processing.  Our expertise in these areas has established REDD as an Oil and Gas industry leader.  We are particularly well known for micro-scale, skid-mounted, modularized oil refineries and gas processing units.


REDD offers a total range of project development and engineering services from economic and technical feasibility studies to the start-up and commissioning of complex, fully integrated process facilities.  Additional services include Environmental Permitting, Regulatory Compliance, Detail Engineering, Construction Management, Operator Training, and Safety Studies.


REDD is experienced in the following oil refining processes:  Atmospheric Distillation, Vacuum Distillation, Reforming, Alkylation, Utilities, Catalytic Cracking, Thermal Cracking, Isomerization, Polymerization, Cogeneration, Gas Dehydration, Fractionation, Sweetening, Liquifaction, Waste Heat Boilers, and Air Pre-heaters.