REDD emerged in the Intermountain West just as major industry began to grow in the area.  REDD grew as industry grew, developing capacity and diversity as the need arose.  Whenever a new sector emerged, REDD was there to support growth, while becoming versatile and adaptable. It is with this experience and a culture of 'learn and perform' that REDD has emerged a leader in small industry engineering and construction. No matter the discipline or industry, REDD has the practical experience to deliver on time and on budget.

Due to REDD's broad industrial experience, non-traditional projects find their way to our office. REDD has built conex refineries in deep Siberia, relocated numerous oil refineries to Africa, and assisted clients in designing and implimenting new technology such as biodiesel plants and oil sands processing. Through scoping and design-build services to nich markets and projects REDD has met a wide range of traditional and non-traditional client needs.

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