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REDD has practical experience helping companies understand the requirements of Process Safety Management (PSM) as outlined in OSHA 29CFR 1910.119.  In addition to a safe work environment, successfully implementing and maintaining a comprehensive PSM program also improves overall operational efficiencies. In addition to assisting PSM governed facilities, REDD has assisted several facilities which fall outside the PSM threshold with 'Safe Operations Management'. See here for a bulletin on one such project.


  • Initial Training (8 Hour)
  • Refresher Training (4 Hour)
  • Element Specific Training (i.e. MOC)
  • Contractor Orientation to PSM



  • P&ID walk-downs and CAD updating
  • Equipment, Line and Instrument Lists
  • Electrical Area Classifications
  • Engineering Standards Documentation


  • Web-based browser for document management
  • Initial and refresher training courses
  • Plant walkdown services
  • Hazop review facilitation
  • World-Class Operations
  • Safer Work Environment


Who Needs PSM?

Your facility needs PSM if it has one or both of the following:

  • Any of these highly hazardous chemicals in amounts at or above the threshold quanity.
  • Over 10,000 lb of any flammable liquid or gas.

Common processes include: oil refineries, ammonia refrigeration, and chemical processing. 

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We have experience in several states, some of which have their own OSHA-approved State Plan. For more information on specific requirements by state see this map.